GetMyFirstJob has just has just enjoyed a bumper summer of activities!

GetMyFirstJob has just has just enjoyed a bumper summer of activities. On behalf of our training and education partners, we’ve interacted with more engaged young people, careers advisers and schools than ever before. For me, one of the big breakthroughs has been the way in which we’ve been able to create real benefit by partnering with some great youth organisations across the UK, together reaching over 2 million young people every year.

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Now, in my experience, the word ‘partnership’ is often overused. It’s a slightly soft word for customer; the partnership represents an exchange of money on one side, and services on the other. To my mind, true partnership has to be defined by far more than money. Cash may be part of the transaction, but there have to be reciprocal services and benefits too.

GetMyFirstJob was built on the basis of partnerships – unlike any other approach, our training providers, colleges and employers use a platform to share their opportunities to create a shared database of interested candidates. The power of working together and being part of the UK’s largest platform for young people means that they benefit from a combined traffic of over 2.5m visits per year, and can then focus on the important part – delivering a great experience to the young people they want to talk to. In turn, this enables them to provide a great service to the businesses they serve.


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