Inside The React Charity Christmas Party

To help children like Cassie living with life shortening illnesses and to get into the Christmas spirit The React Christmas Party will be held on Saturday 25th November at The Bank of England Sports Centre, Priory Lane, Roehampton SW15 5JQ.

There will be a Christmas theme and evening will start with drinks at 7pm , followed by a delicious three course dinner, entertainment and dancing until the early hours to the live band, Buddhalicious.

React is a small children’s charity based in Kew which provides essential aid and equipment to families nationwide caring for children living with life-shortening illnesses. The charity responds rapidly with the minimum of ‘red-tape’, powered by the belief that every child deserves comfort, dignity and the opportunity to participate in life as fully as possible, no matter how short that life may be.

Last year React provided vital aid and assistance to 1,376 terminally ill children, with varying requests but all a basic essential need. Five year old Cassie from Edinburgh lives with CHARGE syndrome, an extremely complex illness which affects her growth, feeding, respiration, and mobility. React assisted Cassie’s family with wet room adaptations to enable Cassie to receive the appropriate support she requires but there are still hundreds of terminally ill children out there that need the charity’s help.

For further information about the work carried out by React, or about the Christmas party, please look on the website, or telephone React on 020 8940 2575.


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