Doug’ll Fix It: Disgraced writer Dougie Brimson supports peadophile Jimmy Saville

As a rule of thumb I have always said the only thing much worse than a paedophile is someone that supports a paedophile.

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A disgraced screenwriter who wrote British films such as Green Street, Top Dog and We Still Kill The Old Way has faced the music after seemingly making jokes involving peadohpilia.

In various posts on social media Dougie Brimson seemed to make light comments about the horrific ordeals that many young people have faced across the country.

Brimson this afternoon took to Twitter posting “Apparently, this is a sick paedophile joke. Personally, I think it’s mildly amusing but I do have a warped sense of humour. You decide.”

Jimmy Saville went from being a national treasure to becoming this generation’s biggest scandal as investigators now believe the late Top of the Pops host preyed on around 500 vulnerable victims as young as two years old.






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