Meet designer Björn Lidbrandt with his concrete planting ring that won the Elmia Garden Award

Design Björn Lidbrandt’s simple and stylish concrete planting ring is a real bestseller. The Elmia Garden Award for the 2017 garden product of the year has brought the planting ring a lot of attention and new models have also been developed.

Björn Lidbrandt developed the first prototype of the planting ring for his own garden eight years ago but only applied for patent protection for the product in autumn 2014 and set up his own firm.

“Back then I was casting all the planting rings at home in my basement,” says Björn, who is still running the firm Design Björn Lidbrandt alongside his full-time job as an inside sales rep.

In 2016 he brought the planting ring to his first trade fair: Elmia Garden. At that time he also entered into the Elmia Garden Award competition for 2017.

“It was an easy decision to enter my product because it wouldn’t have cost me anything if I hadn’t been nominated. When I was, it was worth it because the product was exhibited in several locations at the fair and attracted a lot of attention,” he says.


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