Blue Moose aim to boost local economy through entrepreneurship

Manchester-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Blue Moose, are advocates of entrepreneurship and through their business development program, they support and nurture aspiring entrepreneurs.


By supporting enterprise, Blue Moose are confident they are shaping a brighter future economy. The Manchester-based firm is well known for their free workshops that centre around upskilling and offering alternative perspectives on small business ownership. Keen to boost the local economy Blue Moose reveal what they believe it takes to become an entrepreneurial success:

1. Embrace disruption. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to break the mould, by using initiative, questioning what is already known to become a pioneer is the first step to becoming a success in business. Calculated risk taking demonstrates confidence and ruthless desire to win. Blue Moose encourages their contractors to offer new ideas, and attempt new strategies without the worry that they will be reprimanded if ideas don’t go to plan.

2. Become a team player on a diverse team. Individuals who can appreciate the importance of a team effort will achieve more than anyone looking to face future challenges alone. Campaigns and projects require multiple strengths to work seamlessly to produce an overall approach. Blue Moose have a flat hierarchy to promote teamwork.

3. Define your vision of what success looks like. By identifying future goals and creating a vision of how the future should look in 5, 10 and 15 years, it will be easier to set about creating a journey to success.

4. Train every day. It is important to become a master of a chosen trade, by focusing each day on an element which will improve overall functionality will over time create a competitive edge. This action could range from thanking a mentor to touching base with a customer to catch up on how their services are working out and gathering a deeper understanding of their needs.



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