Marnie Simpson ‘SLAPS ex Lewis Bloor during explosive Dubai bust-up’

She said that a sun-drenched break in the Middle Eastern sun had been just the thing to “cure” for any ill-feelings following their split in February, on Sunday.

But it would seem that cordial relations between Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor didn’t manage to hold up for very long, as they were captured having an EXPLOSIVE row whilst on holiday in Dubai just hours later.

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In a Snapchat video obtained by Mirror Online, the 25-year-old Geordie Shore star can be seen hurling abuse at her ex-boyfriend, 27, in a bar at the luxury Waldorf Astoria hotel

In the footage, captured by another holiday maker, the fiery Northerner can be seen storming out into a patio area, screaming and shouting at Lewis before she appears to aggressively move towards him and land a slap.

Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

EssexTV had previously reported that the couple had gone away just as ‘friends’

“No, no, no, you’ve got my bank card. He’s got my bank card,” Marnie yells at two pals who are sat with Lewis.

After someone from the party replies, she can be heard saying: “Yes you do, you do, you do have it. You’ve just left me upstairs on my own. I f***ing hate you!”


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