Rapper Sharpey almost ‘kicked off flight’ over rant

Well money can buy a lot of things but it sure as hell cant buy class, British rapper Sharpey AKA Jason Pearce became the subject of a crew complaint by British Airways staff and almost got kicked off a flight for throwing a rant!

sharpey mj

Ohh Dear …

The rapper who has been enjoying some success after treating himself to a brand new £40,000 Mercedes earlier in the year is reported to have ‘lost it’ with a member of cabin crew over an argument about seating which led to the boarding of the flight being delayed.

Sharpey pictured here with frequent collaborator SN1 Pablo

Appearing from the terminal without a care in the world, Sharpey Major spotted a holdall bag and casual jeans with a track suit top which he matched together with a white t-shirt and a chain.

The rapper is said to have just completed a single with Manchester artist Lady Ice.

Tonight a spokesperson for British Airways told us “An internal investigation over a fracas is on-going” whilst Sharpey took to twitter to boast to his 19,000 followers tweeting “Touchdown” with an emoji of an air-plane.


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