Sex tape ‘showing married celebrity cheating on his partner with two women’ touted for £25,000

Silhouette of Man's Profile
The tape is said to feature a male celebrity

A sex tape allegedly showing a married male celebrity cheating on his partner is being touted for almost £25,000.

The seller is attempting to sell the video, allegedly showing a top male Irish celeb, to the highest bidder, reports the Irish Mirror.

Yesterday it was reported how two separate sellers were trying to flog clips of one male and one female celebrity.

The Irish Mirror contacted both and found the man trying to peddle the footage of the Irish male celeb is looking to “auction” off the 25-second tape for more than £24,700.

And he claims he’s not only had meetings with global media outlets – but that one of the top Irish male star’s rivals has offered to buy the footage for £15,500 in cash.

The man selling footage of the woman refused to talk to the Irish Mirror until he completed talks with another media outlet.


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