Sophia Bush slams ‘creepy’ man in fiery open letter after being ‘harassed’ on a flight

Sophia Bush slams 'creepy dude' in open letter after awkward flight
Sophia fought back on social media

Sophia Bush has slammed a stranger who she claims harassed her on a flight.

The actress penned an open letter after the “creepy” man made her feel uncomfortable on a plane journey over the weekend.

The 34-year-old star criticised the unknown man’s actions in a defiant Twitter post that was praised by her followers.

She explained: “When you make a woman so visibly uncomfortable, that after you’ve ignored all visual cues to please leave her alone (one word answers, she pulls out a book, puts on a hat, she actually asks you to not speak to her with the tone and words you’re choosing to use) that she finally GETS UP and MOVES SEATS, leave her alone!”

Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock
Sophia slammed the mystery man on Twitter

Sophie went on to reveal that she became increasingly frustrated with the fellow passenger, who despite her best efforts, refused to leave her alone.

Do not continue trying to make conversation,” continued the angry star. “Stop turning around and looking at her.

“Stop leaning out of your seat and towards her body when she has to grab something out of the overhead bin above her original seat, and sadly also above you, mid flight.”

“And in my case, stop believing that you are entitled to make me uncomfortable because you ‘watch my TV show’ so I owe you some magical debt.”


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