Matthew C. Martino steps down from EssexTV board


Essex TV owners B.E Group have confirmed that Matthew C. Martino has ‘requested to be relieved of his board duties with immediate effect’ in a letter of resignation seen by OnlineNewsPoint as he returns to university for studies in October.

Essex TV which launched in April 2016 has already enjoyed early success with record viewerships of up to 100,000 viewers reported in some weeks and the channel has attracted various public figures in interviews and productions during the last five months of its existence and Martino has been a part of the team delivering this service.

Spokeswoman Carol Suvarov said ‘My client has enjoyed a very rewarding few months as a core member of the Essex TV team, it’s a difficult time for Matthew as he has seen his schedule intensify and as he now prepares to return to his studies we aim to give him an opportunity to study. As such we are reviewing his work timetable to ensure a smooth continuity of his varied roles during what I can only describe as a tough time for my client.

Despite Martino’s departure from the board being reportedly pre-planed, sources close to the channel were quoted as saying that he will continue to serve the channel in the capacity of Producer/News Reporter and Martino is also expected to assist the channel owners in appointing his replacement.

Creative director Alin Stacescu and Content manager Jay Connor are being seen as top contenders to succeed Martino in becoming the head of the local channel.


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