Usain Bolt’s student lover breaks silence: ‘He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match’

Usain and the student lover

Usain Bolt spent a night of passion with a Brazilian student after wooing her by flashing his six-pack and pulling his famous ‘lightning bolt’ pose, she has sensationally claimed.

Jady Duarte, 20, shared snaps which appear to show her kissing and cuddling the sprinting sensation after his 30th birthday bash in Rio.

And now she has broken her silence on spending the night with the Olympic ace – claiming he persuaded her to accompany him back to the Olympic Village by using the Google Translate app.

They then allegedly made love in a small single bed, while listening to Rihanna’s Work.

Jady Duarte/WhatsAppJady Duarte and Usain Bolt
Usain and his student ‘lover’
Jady Duarte/WhatsAppJady Duarte and Usain Bolt
Jady posed in a series of selfies
Internet Uknown
Jady Duarte regularly posts selfies

The pair’s raunchy antics reportedly lasted over two one-hour sessions, with them enjoying drinks together in between.

The star has since returned to London, where he has been snapped surrounded by a bevy of beauties on wild nights out ever since – despite Jady claiming he had promised they would see each other again.


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