Tony Fadil: The Brit Actor/Producer about to take the scene by storm


Tony was born in East London as Jezmi Fadil into a Turkish background with an English mum and a Turkish dad. Tony developed a passion for Acting as a child actor although left to go into the family business. Years later Tony came back to Acting at thirty-five when his passion for the Art was too strong to ignore. During the last ten years Tony has been involved in corporate work, live and interactive Tv, short films and feature films. Tony views Acting as a passion and way of Life and one that he is totally dedicated to.

Tony Fadil is fast becoming renowned as the hard man in film which he plays with the most realism you can imagine. This connected to his overwhelming acting skill set and screen presence, you wouldn’t want to meet one of his characters down a dark alley. So just what is there to know about the new self-made actor/producer who is about to take the indie scene by storm ?

Fadil said ‘My birth name was actually Jezmi, a lot of people wouldn’t know that I’m from a Turkish background’.

Fadil with Calum Best on set of ‘Name Of The Game’

With current credits including feature films 1603, I Am Hooligan and Name Of The Game, Fadil is stopping at nothing to achieve his goals in a UK indie scene that is gradually becoming hard to penetrate.

Alongside his acting achievements he has become extremely resourceful behind the camera. As a Producer he has the reputation of getting what is required to start, create and finalise a brilliant film with conviction whether that be a prop required in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere or simply making sure an alcohol free Film Director is comfortable in his game of drinking coffee at a wrap party at 5am when all the coffee shops are shut.

Find out more about Tony here –


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