Jodie Marsh’s ‘skint’ ex husband living in a CARAVAN, as she reveals police are involved in messy split

Jodie Marsh and James Placido
Jodie Marsh and James Placido

Jodie Marsh has revealed her ex husband James Placido has been forced to live in his caravan as he battles money troubles following their messy split.

And the end of their romance was SO turbulent, police are even involved.

The British TV personality , who was celibate for five years before she met her future husband in a car park in August 2015, went on to brand him her “soul mate” and became his wife before the marriage came crashing down after just eight months.

She has previously ranted about her ex on Twitter after they split in April, claiming he was making monetary demands, despite signing a per-nuptial agreement, and they are no closer to resolving their issues after things turned VERY ugly.

Jodie has remained tight-lipped about the split

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Celeb, she said: “I think he’s back in his caravan. Now it’s either I move house or to another country. If he doesn’t move countries, I will, put it that way. We’re not dealing with a normal situation here, it’s a massive massive worry.”


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