Which celebrities and politicians want to remain and who wants Brexit in EU referendum?

The EU referendum it upon us, and the nation is trying to make up its mind about whether we should be in or out of Europe on a huge day for everyone.

Seemingly everyone in the country has had their say to get the key points across, but what about the stars and politicians weighing in on the massive decision?

Tom Hiddleston hasn’t revealed which way he is leaning, but he did take the opportunity to urge fans to exercise their right to vote.

He tweeted: “#EUref polling day. Every vote counts. It’s too important. Future in the balance. Listen to the advice of those you trust. Vote vote vote.”

RexTom Hiddleston in Soho, New York
Tom wants you to head to the polling station

Not everyone is voicing their opinion yet – Noel Gallagher has insisted he may not even vote because the politicians should be the ones making the decision.


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