Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell to lose ‘millions’ as couple cash in on ‘fake’ romance

Stephanie and Jeremy
Stephanie and Jeremy

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell were tipped to make millions by cashing in on their romance when they left the Celebrity Big Brother house – but have they ruined it for themselves with their rollercoaster romance?

They found love on the Channel 5 reality show but it the short weeks since the final they’ve had more ups and downs than most marriages, leading fans to dismiss the couple as ‘the real deal’.

We’ve seen showmances before with reality stars clinging to each other to become the next ‘Katie and Peter’ and make a fortune doing so, but we can usually spot them a mile off.

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis open up about their ‘relationship’ on TV

But, have Steph and Jezza got us fooled?

“Steph and Jeremy have blown their opportunity of creating a £1million brand, I think their relationship could be real, but it screams showmance,” PR guru Rob Cooper told us.

“For a celebrity couple to be successful, they needed to convince the public their love is real, that way the public become hooked on their every move and that’s where the money is to be made. I personally would have liked to see them leave the house, be pictured secretly meeting up and given a chance to really become attached before force feeding the public their ‘love’ for one another.”

He added: “Once the public believe the relationship is real everything is heightened, the more demand there is for information about their relationship, the more money there is to be made.”

Cooper – who has helped the likes of Josie Cunningham makes hundreds of thousands – previously told us about the opportunities for ‘Jephanie’, and he revealed they could have made millions from their love story.


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