Read secret Tony Blackburn memos in full: BBC dossier throws doubt on DJ’s evidence

Tony Blackburn
Brave face: Tony Blackburn after his sacking

The secret memos that got Tony Blackburn sacked from the BBC can now be revealed in full.

The dossier obtained by The Mirror contradicts the DJ’s denial that he previously seduced a 15-year-old girl.

The veteran DJ, 73, was grilled by BBC bosses over claims he “seduced” a teenager dancer who later killed herself, the papers obtained by The Mirror have revealed.

But the sacked star last night continued to insist the interviews never took place, despite documents to the contrary.

PATony Blackburn was sacked this week by the broadcaster
Tony Blackburn was sacked this week by the broadcaster

In one of the 1971 papers obtained by the Mirror, the BBC’s Assistant Head of Variety Tony Preston, told Assistant Solicitor George Derrick he and Head of Light Entertainment Bill Cotton had spoken to Mr Blackburn over the allegations made by 15-year-old Claire McAlpine. In other news a local channel Essex TV has reportedly commissioned a one-off documentary on Tony Blackburn.

He wrote: “As we expected, he has issued a flat denial. For my part, I must accept the situation, although I would be less than fair if I were not to record that his [Blackburn’s] recollection does not agree with the first thoughts of his agent.”

The damning BBC memo
The damning BBC memo

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