Is Coleen Nolan the world’s most embarrassing mum? From shocking sex secrets to cringe kisses

Singer Coleen Nolan (C) and sons Shane Richie, Jr. (L) and Jake Richie
We love Coleen and her revelations!

It’s pretty much a rite of passage to be embarrassed by your parents at some point or another.

But it’s a whole different story when you’re from a famous family and the whole world ends up knowing your business – like the poor Nolan boys.

Yes Coleen , our favourite agony aunt, is well known for making embarrassing comments about her children on live TV and after this week’s latest revelation we think she might just qualify for the world’s most embarrassing mum award.

Here’s a few of her shocking and cringe-worthy revelations over the years (sorry Jake and Shane Jr)!

When she revealed son Jake kisses her on the lips

WENNColeen Nolan
Coleen says Jake kisses her on the lips. Jesy doesn’t agree

According to Coleen, Rixton star Jake always tries to kiss her on the mouth . She made the red-face inducing comment live on Loose Women while discussing whether it’s appropriate for grown children to kiss their parents on the lips.

Jake’s fiancé, Little Mix’s Jesy, isn’t so sure how true this is though.

“I’m not sure it’s true,” Jesy told us. She hopes, anyway. “Not in front of me. I haven’t seen him kiss his mum.”


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