“FannyAnne actually came from my mum” – An interview with Carole-Anne Flateau

Who is Carole-Anne Flateau? 

I’m Carole-Anne Flateau. I am 23 years old. I currently work in retail at tkmaxx but am trying to branch out to flexible office work. I am from Harlow in Essex. I went to burnt mill school. Which is now an academy, it is the performing arts school of Harlow. I then went onto study music at Harlow college for a year where I got some training on my voice and i loved it. I then went onto study animal management at writtle college. Because I love animals. Things unique about me is my surname is originally from my step grandad and its Jewish they changed it to French sounding the escape the Nazis. I do a pretty good Stewie griffin impression. And I’m related to Anthony Perkins. From psycho.


When did the acting and singing passion begin? What brought it on?

Acting began from the ages of about 6 when I was in primary school and decided to go up for my first play. I think it was mid Summer’s night dream. I was hooked. My mum also used to work in our local theatre and we used to go there a lot so I saw a lot of pantos. I just always liked being on stage. Singing was even younger. I have a video of me singing what it God was one of us in front of everyone at my birthday party. It seemed to go down well.


You’re currently training at Kingdom School of Dramatic Arts- How is that experience for you?

Going to kingdom was one of the best decisions of my life. It helped me develop my acting so much. I made some good friends and great connections there. Turlough convrey from my mad fat diary and river Eric was my tutor last term and he taught me so much. I would recommend this course to any actor looking for training.

You have also branched out into comedy writing, tell us more about that?

I did stand-up comedy from the age of 18-21 and I did enjoy it but I realised I liked writing down comedy than I did saying it aloud to a room of strangers. I also discovered I liked writing scripts for shorts, sitcoms and sketches. I’m also currently writing a serious book as well. So as much as comedy is my favourite. I do like writing dark and sinister stuff as well

You’ve done Youtube comedy sketches under the stage name ‘Fanny Anne’ – Where does the name come from?

Yes, I do. I also do funny vlogs and gaming as well. Just try and do the most I can and love on my channel. FannyAnne actually came from my mum. She used to call me it if I did something a little bit naughty like not flush the chain or something. It died out eventually though but I brought it back to life with my YouTube.

What drives you to the videos?

I just really enjoy making videos, editing them as well. I feel natural in front of a camera. FannyAnne is like an exaggerated version of me. She loves taking the Micky and just having fun whilst doing it. I just wanted to get into the YouTube scene so i saw if I could do a good vlog and sketch. Turns out I had a nack for it and loved it.


Do you feel in this day and age platforms like YouTube are important in developing new talent?

I didn’t know YouTube was a place where people could show talent or get a good community behind them. I thought it was just a place where people put up there funny cat videos. I then discovered pewdiepie and watching him changed my life and made me want to be a part of the YouTube  world. I feel if you have a good talent you can video. Be it, acting, singing, art etc. I would say definitely  start up a channel. It’s an excellent place to start and what have you got to lose.

How many siblings if any do you have?

I have one sibling. My older sister Becky. Or boo to me. I’ve called her boo since I could talk so that’s her name to me. She is 3 years older than me and she’s my world.

If you had to choose one, acting or sing – and why?

Oh god it’s so hard to choose between them. I love singing but I’ve always saw it as a talent I can just do. Whereas acting I’ve trained for and pursued and is something I’ve dreamt about for a very long time. So I would have to say acting.

What are your plans for 2016?

My plans in 2016 are to get my toe into as many acting opportunities as I can. And see how much experience i can gain. I would also love to be in a flexible job that lets me go for auditions. Also do some cover songs and possible do some open mic spots. For my YouTube channel I would like to do more sketches and gaming videos and hopefully get the channel off the ground.  And lose my excess weight haha


For links to Carole-Anne’s work visit :






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