Geordie Shore’s Kyle Christie still has feelings for ex Holly Hagan – ‘She’s a keeper’

Kyle may want to get back with Holly

They called it quits last month after yet another blazing row.

But it seems with hindsight Kyle Christie might not be ready to say goodbye to Holly Hagan just yet.

The reality star, who announced earlier this week he had quit Geordie Shore, has now admitted his ex “is a keeper”.

Kyle Christie still has feelings for Holly
Flynet'Geordie Shore' couple Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie seen attending the series 10 wrap party at TupTup nightclub in Newcastle, UK
Kyle and Holly in happier times

Speaking on the Geordie Shore Confession Cam, he says: “Yes I might have flirted with Holly, but they think that because I broke up with her, I instantly hate her. You know what, I don’t f****** hate her. I’ll say it and I’m not arsed, I still f****** love her and I fancy her to bits, I always will.”

“After the whole bust up, after all the arguments and after the whole house turning against us, that girl was still there sitting next to us.

“At the end of the day, that’s a f****** keeper.” How romantic.


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