The truth behind Spencer Matthews’ shocking steroid addiction – his extreme vanity and crippling insecurity

Spencer’s addiction was kept secret from his family

Just one day into his I’m A Celebrity jungle stint Spencer Matthews was sent packing after producers found out about his secret steroid addiction.

The shamed Made In Chelsea star is currently believed to be heading to rehab in a bid to kick his habit.

But now the real reason behind his shocking secret have been revealed in an expose from New magazine, which claims his insecurity and quest for perfection led to his downfall.

In Confessions of a Chelsea Boy, he writes: “I don’t look in the mirror and think ‘Wow, I’m so good looking’. I don’t put on a jacket and go, ‘I look amazing.’ I don’t hold myself in high regard. In all honesty I am quite insecure.”

Surprisingly his ex girlfriend Lucy Watson agrees with him on this, saying previously: “He’s got a really, really big ego but he’s very insecure.”

Over the years Spencer has become known as somewhat of a Lothario on MIC but he openly admitted in his autobiography that he actually suffers from low self esteem.


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