Sam Pepper sparks outrage in latest prank – pretending to MURDER teen in front of best friend

Sam Pepper has sparked anger with his latest YouTube video – which sees him pretend to kill someone.

The former Big Brother star/vlogger – who caused outrage last year with a ‘groping’ video – stars in the video alongside Viners Sam Golbachh and Colby.

But Sam Golbachh is completely unaware of what is going to happen in the irresponsible and disgusting prank – entitled KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK.

Sam Pepper/YouTube
The video sees Pepper kidnap Sam
Sam Pepper – the guy behind the video

In the video Sam (the Vine star) is kidnapped and put into a trunk of the car with a hood over his head.

The next scene sees him tied to a chair on a rooftop location while the assassin Sam Pepper appears to shoot his best friend of five years – Colby – in the head.

Unsurprisingly Sam is deeply distressed by what he is seeing and cries uncontrollably.


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