‘Black Friday is for mugs’ say £75k selfie sisters as they mock bargain hunters on busy shopping day

The £75k selfie sisters have claimed Black Friday is for “mugs” and criticised bargain hunters across the UK.

Siblings Sophie, Lucy and Sophie Brooks – who earn gifts by sending selfies to online admirers – have hit out at people clamouring for a cheap deal on products in shops all over the country, insisting it’s “degrading” and revealing how they have bypassed the US tradition.

Black Friday has become a staple of Thanksgiving in America, and it has been adopted in the UK as prices are slashed on a range of goods.

RobCooper.co.ukSelfie sisters Lucy, Sophie, and Stacey
Lucy, Sophie and Stacey flash the flesh

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Online, Sophie, 26, said: “I think its hilarious, people think we are ‘stupid airheads’ accepting some nice freebies yet they’re the ones out in the freezing cold hoping to get the very same items just slightly discounted, what mugs!”


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