Hollywood urges HIV infected actor to reveal his identity

A Hollywood actor living with HIV has reportedly been urged to reveal his identity.

The unnamed man has been called to come forward and help dispel the stigma surrounding the infection.

Earlier this week it was reported that an actor, who has a long list of exes, has been diagnosed with HIV .

Those close to the actor have encouraged him to reveal his identity and “own it” in public despite his concerns that the news could define his career as well as leading to potential lawsuits from ex-lovers.

“Lots of people close to him have suggested he face this situation head-on and own it publicly,” a source told The Sun.

“Obviously it would be a huge story, but the reality is HIV is entirely treatable in this day and age and shouldn’t impact his ability to work or lead a normal life.”

They added: “It could be a game-changer in the understanding of HIV given that he’s a straight man.”

HIV viruses infecting a human T cell

British HIV charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust, today are concerned about perpetuating the stigma surrounding HIV and have said “it is utterly wrong to disclose an individual’s HIV status without their permission”.

Shaun Griffin, its executive director of external affairs, told The Independent: “Stigma is a dangerous construct and we’ve seen that it has a damaging effect on individuals and on public health.

“It can deter people from accessing testing or treatment, and can isolate a person living with HIV causing anxiety or depression.”


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