From a single mum at 17 to snapping up £242,000 diamonds: Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart from Melling on How The Other Half Live

She went from a single mum, balancing a job that paid a pittance while studying for a degree and now Kate Stewart is so rich that she doesn’t even need to pack a suitcase, instead she fills her wardrobe with new designer clothes.

The Liverpudlian business woman, 33, barely blinks an eye when splashing out on a £242,000 diamond bracelet, hailing it as “a bargain”.

Kate appears on Channel 5 show How The Other Half Lives, and insists that she’s not afraid to splash the cash and showing off her wealth because she’s worked so hard for it.

Channel 5Kate Stewart from Melling on How The Other Half Live

While talking to the show hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, she said: “I left school with no qualifications and had a normal, dead-end job paying £2.50 an hour.

“I got pregnant at 17 and the destiny written for me was ‘you are going to claim benefits and have more kids’. Everyone wrote me off and I thought ‘no’ and came back fighting. That gave me the drive to achieve.”

The mother-of-three opens up about her struggle to get to the top of her game, having worked as a secretary while juggling her daughter Caitlin, now 15, and studying for a business and management degree.


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