Ariana Grande SHUTS DOWN male DJs over sexist questions during radio interview

She’s known for speaking her mind and Ariana Grande didn’t hold back this weekend in a new interview – telling two radio DJs they needed to work on their “judgement,” during an interview this weekend.

The Problem singer – who yesterday hit back at body shamers who attacked her figure online – appeared on California’s Power 106 FM to promote new single Focus on Saturday, but didn’t exactly seem impressed with the questions put to her by hosts Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux.

After being asked what she would pick to use for the very last time – her phone or make-up – a disgusted looking Grande fired back: “Is this what you think girls have problems choosing between?”

Luqman H/YouTubeAriana appearing on California's Power 106 FM on Halloween
Ariana appearing on California’s Power 106 FM on Halloween

When told women can’t live without their phones, the 22-year-old seemed outraged and insisted she wasn’t glued to her electronic device.

“When I’m at a dinner table, I like to be present—with eye contact—and talking,” she said referring to putting her phone away.

The conversation swiftly moves on to discuss the newly released emojis and Ariana admitted her favourites included the unicorn.

When one of the DJ sarcastically comments: “girls” in response to her choice – Ariana insists boys use the magical creature symbol too.


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