Will Lamar Odom be arrested for drug use? Prostitutes who found him unconscious give ‘cocaine’ affidavit

The two prostitutes who raised the alarm after finding Lamar Odom unconscious and bleeding have told the police that they heard him snorting an unknown substance while in the brothel.

In a search warrant affidavit, Nye County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Eisenloffel gave sworn testimony, with the belief that Lamar had “ingested” illegal drugs.

During the testimony, which took place at 10:15pm on October 13th (the same day Odom had been discovered unconscious), Eisenloffel revealed that he had spoken to Love Ranch prostitutes Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe.

SplashLamar Odom
Lamar Odom could face charges if he was found to have taken illegal substances at the Love Ranch

“Through interviews with the prostitutes who were with him since that point, it was learned that he possibly ingested cocaine in the bathroom,” he said.

“They indicated that they heard him snorting.”

Eisenloffel also added that they had “indicated that they had vague knowledge of him using illicit narcotics.”


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