Smitten Ariel Winter gushes over boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette on their two-year anniversary

The smitten pair celebrate their two-year anniversary

Ariel Winter and boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette have just reached their two-year anniversary and to celebrate the actress posted an incredibly gushy message.

Ariel, who was joined by Laurent at a recent family wedding where she proudly shared a picture of them posing together , took to Instagram to let the world know just how she feels about her other half.

And shortly after her 18-year-old beau penned his own heartfelt note next to a picture of a red cake with had both of their names on it written in icing.

“Happy 2 year anniversary my shmoo! I love you so much that I don’t even know where to start. When we first met two years ago, I felt this insane, unexplainable connection with you and I knew from that day one that you were the one I wanted to be with,” her post began.

Twitter / Ariel WinterAriel Winter
The lovebirds pose for a photo

“Our first argument was the day I think I figured out just how in love I was with you, because even though we seemed to absolutely not get along, opposites still attracted. From that day forward, we’ve had our trials and tribulations, but a day has never gone by where I haven’t been madly in love with you. You are everything to me; my love, my other half, the one person who can always challenge me, and occasionally win, and the one that I’m always grateful for. When we aren’t together, I miss you immensely and feel like a piece of me is missing.


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