Kim Kardashians from around the world: Meet China, Japan and Australia’s answer to reality star

Kim Kardashian is pretty unique – there are not many women who have gone from being in a sex tape to starring on the cover of Vogue.

But while the 34-year-old is in a league of her own in the US, all around the world there are a number of women who are hot on her heels.

These ladies are beautiful, successful and very sexy, just like Kimmy.

Kavita Radheshyam – India


Kavita is a Bollywood actress, currently based in Mumbai.

Like Kim it was her body which got her noticed – she sparked some serious controversy when she posed almost naked in a shoot against animal cruelty.

Her sex symbol status and similar looks to Kim helped her earn the title of India’s answer to Mrs Kardashian West.

Angelababy – China


Kim might be the most famous woman in the US but actress and singer Yang – aka Angelababy- is the most famous woman in China.

And this beauty could teach Kim a thing or two about getting married.

Her nuptials to actor Huang Xiaoming set them back a whopping £200 millions.

While Kim and Kanye had just 200 people, Angelababy and Huang said their vows in front of 2,000 lucky attendees. Seriously. You can read more about their crazy wedding here .

Angelababy also hit headlines when she was forced to prove she hadn’t had any work done, remind you of anyone?


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