Jay Z jokes about Kanye West running for President and Big Pimpin’ being ‘pretty good’ song in copyright trial

Jay Z in court for copyright infringement on Big Pimpin’

Jay Z was in court on Wednesday as he testified in the copyright case over his breakout hit Big Pimpin.

The rap superstar spent about 90 minutes giving evidence in a federal courtroom in Los Angeles, as the copyright infringement trial continues.

Taking to the stand the star insisted that he had a valid licence to use the Arabic music featured on the 1999 hit.

Jay and Timbaland- who produced the track – are being sued by the heirs of Baligh Hamdi, an Egyptian composer who created the 1957 hit Khosara Khosara that has elements featured in the rapper’s song.

GettyJay-Z defended Big Pimpin' as he appeared in court on Wednesday
Jay-Z defended Big Pimpin’ as he appeared in court on Wednesday

The rapper – real name Shawn Carter – used one of his own CDs to illustrate his point.

“We have the rights as you can see on the bottom of the CD,” Carter told jurors, referencing liner notes on the CD, which was introduced as evidence by the Hamdi family, that credit Khosara Khosara.


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