Has Katie Price refused to watch Peter Andre on Strictly because she’s ENVIOUS of him?

Katie previously said she wouldn’t be watching

Katie Price has refused to watch her ex Peter Andre on Strictly Come Dancing this year, previously saying in an interview: “I’m not going to be sitting next to Kieran on the sofa watching Pete.”

But according to new! magazine, she actually feels envious of her ex for landing the gig.

Pete has soared to favourite on the show after two show-stopping dances so far, but it’s now claimed Katie is jealous of her ex – having previously said she’d like to star on the show herself.

Celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings told the mag: “I think it’s more envy than jealousy. What makes this tougher for Katie is that Pete was the early favourite and he’s doing brilliantly.

“That must make it especially hard for her. She’s not going to watch it or embrace it.”

It comes after Katie said last year she’d consider starring in the show, adding: “I’d love to do the [UK] show, but they’ve never asked!”

PAKatie Price and Peter Andre at the Soho Hotel in central London, promoting their new show
The former couple have since moved on

And last week she added: “I’ve always wanted to do it. I nearly did the Australian version, but it was difficult to leave the children that long.”

Jo added to the mag: “There may be a bit of envy that Pete has that lifestyle where he has got time to take part. Time that she doesn’t have.”


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