Chris Evans looks tired out as he swaps motorbike leathers for gym leggings following radio show

Chris Evans looked worn out after work

Chris Evans might have the huge flashy motorbike and top motor show job – but he can’t resist his comfort clothes – swapping biking leathers for tight gym gear as he left Radio 2 today.

The new Top Gear host stepped out following his Breakfast Show in lycra leggings and trainers, appearing ready for a workout.

But rather than heading straight to the gym, the 49-year-old jumped on his bike and left the studios in style.

Looking tired out following another early start, Chris was snapped as he chatted on the phone, failing to raise a smile for waiting cameras.

WENNChris Evans seen leaving BBC Radio Two Studios in London
ice leggings Chris – not your usual motorbike gear

Showing off some messy stubble, Chris channelled Simon Cowell’s most recent look, appearing almost unrecognisable without his once signature glasses.

And it comes after the three-times wed star surprised fans this week after admittinghe doesn’t think marriage works.

Evans claimed that marriage was an archaic model in a recent interview, a shocking statement given his own love history.


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