Pregnant Kim Kardashian looks blooming marvellous in cream skintight maxi-dress


Kim Kardashian was back to looking her spectacular best tonight in New York.

The pregnant reality television superstar slipped herself into a figure-hugging cream maxi-dress and the result was frankly mesmerising.

Though while the dress looked sensational, that was more than could be said for the accompanying robe.


Instead of wearing a coat or a light jacket in the chilly NYC weather, Kim opted for a silky kimono style robe that she wore hanging off her arms like a stole.

Still, it’s good to see Kim continuing to take bold fashion choices and proving that she is not going to let the small issue of being pregnant stop her from wearing exactly what she wants.

The reality television superstar – who’s pregnant with her second baby with husband Kanye West – stepped out in New York in what can really only be described as a ‘look’.


Though quite what look Kim was going for remains a mystery as it appears she missed in spectacular style.

Walking the apparently quite chilly streets of the Big Apple in a low-cut ripped top, no bra, a worryingly high-cut wet-look mini-skirt, thigh-high boots and an oversized coat draped over her shoulders and it was certainly eye-catching at least.


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