Inspirational Icelandic designer and girls girl who is set to empower women in the UK

Sigrun Lilja, is known simply as ‘Lilja’ in the style of iconic modern women such as Madonna, recognizable by one name only. Nature lover, bohemian soul, self-styled ‘mermaid’, best-selling author, entrepreneur and perfumista, she began the collection at the age of 24, armed with only $1,500 and a personal vision. Today, her Gydja Collection is working its way towards being a worldwide brand, its unique perfumes and feminine accessory designs finding favour from Europe’s cultural elite to the Hollywood A-list.

Lilja is the driving force behind the Empower Women Workshop and the Icelandic fashion brand Gydja Collection —is bringing her expertise, unique style and inspirational way of thinking to the UK.
Nicole Scherzinger is a Gydja fan. Eva Longoria loves the products. Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, is a proud owner of designs from the Gydja Collection to name a few.

Gydja draws its unique inspiration from the geographical region of its origins. But this is no parochial Euro-enterprise. For Lilja´s personal goal is to Empower Women – the title of the project whereby she offers mentorship, refuge and retreat to women on the Indonesian island of Bali.
At the age of 24 and armed with a very limited budget, Lilja set out to develop her own lifestyle brand. In a short time she became a successful designer and perfumista, and is continuing to take Gydja Collection to new heights by developing innovative ways to put her ideas into action.

One of her greatest achievements was to take on the perfume world by storm when she launched her first signature fragrance, EFJ Eyjafjallajökull by Gydja in 2010. This exotic scent became one of the best selling perfumes in Iceland and the press picked up on the perfume’s unique concept.
Lilja’s mission is to give women the courage they need to follow their dreams, and she does this through an innovative Empower Women Workshop in Bali. Attendees of these workshops will gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their business ideas into a reality.
Her goal is to extend her Empower Women workshops out to third world countries and to create an organisation that empowers women all over the world.

The next Empower Women Workshop takes place between 14th and 22nd October at the Honeymoon Hotel in Ubud, Bali.
To know more about the brand please take a look at:
You can also follow the goddess daily adventures and travelling between Iceland, London and off course Bali on snapchat by adding: theworldofgydja


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