Louis Walsh on One Direction: “They’ll be back but not for at least five years”

Louis doesn’t reckon they’ll be back together any time soon

Louis Walsh has revealed this IS the end of One Direction – for five years at least.

The former X Factor judge, who helped put the band together five years ago when they auditioned as solo artists on the show, wasn’t shocked when they announced they’re are taking a break.

Breaking hearts all around the world, Mullingar lad Niall Horan, 21, and his pals Harry Styles, 21, Louis Tomlinson, 23, and 21-year-old Liam Payne revealed on Sunday that they are going their separate ways for at least a year from next March.

But boyband boss Louis, 63, told the Irish Mirror it could be five years before devastated One Direction fans see the global superstars back together on stage.

And with decades of experience in the industry, the Mayo music mogul said the boys were doing the right thing bowing out when they are at the top of their game.

He said: “All the greats did it, like Westlife and Take That.

“It’s the best way to go out when you go out on a high and they have been phenomenal.

“They are global stars and their success has been amazing.

“It’s not the end, they will give it five or six years I’d imagine and then they will get back together.”

Louis, who helped put One Direction together with close pal and former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger in 2010, claimed the lads “weren’t great” as solo artists but that together they were something special.

He added: “They have a connection with young kids like I’ve never seen before.

“I’ve never seen that connection with any other band.

“Nothing has gone wrong, it’s just that they need a break.


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