Keith Lemon doesn’t know if Kelly Brook’s relationships are REAL because she’s a ‘PR expert’

Keith Lemon on Kelly’s relationships

Keith Lemon is likely to get a telling off from Kelly Brook after questioning whether her relationships are REAL.

The gobby comedian, real name Leigh Francis, is good friends with the model and actress, who is currently dating model Jeremy Parisi, and admits he thinks she might pretend she’s in a relationship sometimes to help her career. OUCH.

Asked if he thinks she’s settled down with Jeremy, Keith boldly replied: “I don’t know if her relationships are real or not. She’s a PR expert, she knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s brilliant at it.” Busted!

Instagram / iamkbKelly Brook
Things are going very well

He continued: “I was in America with her [when she was engaged to David McIntosh] and there were paparazzi everywhere. I was like, ‘How do they know where you are?’ and she said, ‘They just follow me everywhere’. She just laughs it off.”

Keith says he asked her when she was engaged to David if she was getting married, to which she allegedly replied: “No, no. But it’s a nice ring though, innit?'”

Oh dear, we wonder what Kelly will have to say about this.

GC ImagesKelly Brook and David McIntosh
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh

But Keith insists they are good friends and he thinks she’s “great” and they are in talks to remake The Woman in Red together, about a married man who becomes infatuated with a beautiful woman in red.

Keith added to Star magazine: “She’d be brilliant in that. What this space!”

Meanwhile, Kelly, who has been dating jujitsu instructor Jeremy for several months, continues to post loved-up selfies with her gorgeous man.


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