Zayn Malik takes shot at ex-fiancee Perrie Edwards on Twitter ahead of Teen Choice Awards

It’s been reported that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards haven’t had any contact since he dumped her by text message last month, but that hasn’t stopped the star from taking aim as his former fiancee on Twitter.

The former One Direction singer made a veiled jibe at the blonde beauty’s band Little Mix, sending fans into a frenzy in the process.

Zayn retweeted a post asking social media users to retweet if they liked Fifth Harmony’s song Worth It or favourite the message if they preferred Little Mix’s song Black Magic.

One person was amused by Zayn’s behaviour, writing: “I’m laughing.”

Another wrote: “This is the best thing that’s happened all day.”

But Little Mix fans weren’t so happy.

“You are so immature,” one replied.

“Respect Perrie at least a little bit,” said another.

Fortunately it looks like they won’t be bumping into each other at the Teen Choice Awards as Zayn has decided to skip it.

Zayn fan Aria added: “IM LAUGHING MY A** OFF ZAYN YOU HAVE 0% CHILL MY SON (sic).”The apparent sleight towards the British girl group quickly caused a stir among the newly single star’s fans.


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