Lamar Odom slams claims he ‘hassled’ Khloe Kardashian after confrontation at SoulCycle: ‘The dog has to fight back’

Lamar has denied claims he ‘hassled’ ex-wife Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom has flat out denied claims he confronted ex-wife Khloe Kardashianoutside a SoulCycle gym in Beverley Hills on Wednesday morning, following eye-witness claims that the former NBA star tried to grab the brunette.

Images of Lamar and Khloe looking tense were published on Wednesday following the alleged altercation, where it was claimed Khloe could be heard telling Odom to leave her alone. Sources later told E!News Khloe had been “blindsided” by the appearance of her ex, insisting she had no idea he’d be there.

But defending himself against the accusations, an angry and emotional Odom toldTMZ that it didn’t happen in the way it has been reported.

“Nobody got hassled, nobody got grabbed on, nobody got followed, none of that happened,” he told the gossip site.

SplashLamar pictured approaching Khloe outside the gym
Lamar pictured approaching Khloe outside the gym

“It’s ridiculous, it’s crazy, I don’t know what kind of move that is but it’s not the truth man.”

Odom also insinuated that he’d been given prior knowledge that Khloe would be at that gym, where the incident went down at around 6:30am and didn’t surprise her as it had been reported.

“I live in Las Vegas,” he explained, “so was there an address given, or did I guess right,”

“Did I just guess right, where this girl maybe? You know I know Khloe. How would you think I ended up there?,” he asked.


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