Katie Price hits back at body critics after she shares photo of super slim waist

Katie Price has hit back after fans criticised her for sharing a photo of her super slim waist.

The former glamour model, who can be seen posing in a bikini top as she promotes a weight loss product, was told she wasn’t sending out the right impression to her younger followers.

After reading some of the negative comments, Katie replied saying no matter what she does people will always pick holes in her.

“If my body was photo shopped the lines would be bent around the cabinets! I don’t work out as too busy running around after my children but use bootea!

“I’m not perfect and not trying to be it just seems WHATEVER I do people will always pick holes in me but I’m used to it now.

Instagram / officialkatiepriceKatie Price

“Pick holes in my body all you like but I know I’m very lucky to have a body like this after five children and can only thank my mum and dad’s genes but I’m sure if any of you pose in a bikini you’re not going to breathe right out (sic).”

While some fans praised her frame – especially after having five children – others said she was a bad role model for sharing the picture with her thousands of followers.

“Stop with the breathing in, it looks ridiculous. Do you really think that sticking your ribs out is a great inspiration to your young followers,” one commented underneath the picture.

“Looks horrid, ribs sticking out like that! Very unhealthy if you ask me.”

Another wrote: “Really disappointed and not the role model for younger generations.”

While someone else said she was “sending out the wrong impression” with the shot.

Katie Price / YouGossipKatie Price shows off her post baby body

However, plenty of other fans came to her defence and praised her “amazing” body.

“Breathing in or not she’s amazing and she looks more decent than most girls who haven’t had children! Wish I had a body like that,” someone shared.

“You look fantastic you would never believe you have had one baby let alone five, well done you.”

Katie’s no stranger to sharing shots of her slim body and just two weeks after giving birth to her fifth child she uploaded a picture of her trim body after going down to a slim size 8.

Twitter / @MissKatiePriceKatie Price

She later said: “My body’s shrunk back already, but I’m not really sure how. I certainly didn’t ping back into shape after Jett was born.

“I’m looking after myself by being healthy in the day – but I can’t stay away from the biscuits at night.

“I’m still wearing the size eight leggings I wore throughout my pregnancy under my bump and haven’t changed dress size. I’m 100 per cent not on a diet.”

We have contacted a rep for Katie for comment.


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