Niall Horan faces awkward Zayn Malik moment with Scott Mills: ‘One Direction don’t need him’

Niall Horan had to ride out a potentially difficult situation live on air on Monday morning when Scott Mills joked that One Direction “didn’t need” Zayn Malik in the band.

The singer – who recently split from fiancée Perrie Edwards – left the group earlier this year, and the Radio 1 DJ referenced the departure during a chat with Zayn’s former bandmate.

After praising 1D for the success of new single Drag Me Down, Scott teased his friend about the state of the band after Zayn’s sensational exit.

Niall Horan laughed off the comment

He quipped: “You didn’t need that other guy.”

Too soon, Scott. Too soon.

At least Niall took the joke well and laughed along, although the subject of Zayn leaving wasn’t fully discussed during his radio appearance.

However, he did open up about some of his insecurities and insisted he has never taken a nude selfie in the mirror.

He explained: “Oh no, that is cringe. I definitely don’t have the body for nude seflies.”

The user tweeted: “”I don’t have the body for a nude selfie” – Niall Horan DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT #NiallonRadio1 (sic)”

Not surprisingly, Twitter disagreed – one fan particularly strongly.


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