Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd reveals he has a stalker who believes he’s the star’s ‘real dad’

Jack P Shepherd plays David in Coronation Street
Jack P Shepherd has revealed he has a stalker

Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd has admitted to having an online stalker – who believes he is the star’s DAD.

The 27-year-old, who was recently pictured urinating on a sign for rival soap Emmerdale, has spoken of an obsessed fan on Twitter.

The unknown admirer has apparently sent Jack gifts including clothes and money, as well as apologising to him for not being around when he was a child.

He has also sent the actor pictures of his ‘mum’ – a large black woman.

Jack’s stalker thinks he’s his dad

Jack, who has previously been in trouble with ITV producers for comments made on Twitter, added that he doesn’t cash the cheques sent to him or respond to the man’s approaches.

The actor, who has played borderline psychopathic David Platt since the age of 12, told Heat magazine: “I’ve got one guy (on Twitter) who thinks he’s my dad. He’s not, but it’s all ‘completely true’. Apparently, I was born in August, not January, and I’m only 25, not 27. And he was sorry he wasn’t there when I was growing up.

“He sent me pictures of my mum, who’s this great big black woman. It’s as though he’s sat in his room howling, thinking, ‘he’s going to get this. It’s dead funny’.


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