Louis Tomlinson’s step-father hits back at claims he posted threats online

Louis Tomlinson’s step-father has hit back at claims he posted threats online.

Mark Tomlinson insisted he wasn’t “a violent man” after sending a message to the singer’s natural dad Troy Austin over alleged claims that he would drop a “bombshell” about Louis if he continued to ignore him.

Mark, who had helped bring up the One Direction singer since he was little, tweeted: “Blackmail????????? Stupid man. Got a good mind to pay you a visit!!!!.”

He clarified his comments, saying: “Just for the record. I’m Louis’ Dad and have been all his life. I love him with all my heart.

Mark Tomlinson

“For the record, when I said ‘pay a visit’ I meant to talk. I’m not a violent man. I’m just protecting my son. ”

Troy and Louis have not spoken since a row three years ago.

Troy ­hoped they could heal the rift when it was revealed Louis, 23, is to be a father himself after a fling with pal Briana Jungwirth.

Troy Austin

But the Sunday People exclusively revealed he has allegedly vowed to rock his son’s life if he rejects him.

A source said: “Troy told friends he has something which would ­really throw a ­grenade into things.

“It’s a bombshell. This is his final shot at getting Louis’s attention.”

Mark is no longer with Louis’s mum Johannah but he and the star ­remain on good terms.

Hotel owner Troy previously claimed: “I’ve had threats, I’ve had his dad wanting to meet up or something.”


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