Who is the model who turned down Cristiano Ronaldo? Everything you need to know about Brazilian-born beauty

He likes to think of himself as a bit of stud but Cristiano Ronaldo’s ladies’ man reputation took a bashing this weekend when it emerged a model had turned him turned.

The brunette beauty – Aline Lima – revealed the Real Madrid star persisted in trying to meet up with even after she said she had a boyfriend.

So who is the stunning lady who kicked the footy star into place?

Aline works as a promo model

Name: Aline Lima

Age: 22

Lives: Melbourne, Australia

Place of Birth: Brazil

Profession: Model

Height: 5ft 3in

Looking like a princess

It is little surprise that Aline Lima caught Ronaldo’s attention as she is absolutely stunning.

She has put her looks to good use – working as a commercial and promotional model in Australia.

Her promo work includes jobs for Yamaha, Aldo Shoe and Showcars Melbourne.

This year she was a finalist in Miss Latina Australia.

It’s no surprise she caught his eye

When she is not modelling the beautiful brunette works as a make-up artist.

The Brazilian born babe also aspire sto work in TV and in commercials.

She says of herself: “I’m an outgoing, creative, passionate and classy person who loves to meet new people and be in a fun environment!”

Her boyfriend is called Alex and prior to the incident he was a fan of Ronaldo’s.


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