Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth pictured getting cosy – is this the night their baby was conceived?

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth

Louis Tomlinson and baby mama Briana Jungwirth have only been spotted together a number of times in public.

But it seems One Direction fans have figured out when the pair started to become more than friends after an unseen photograph was posted on Instagram.

One Directioner, named on the social media site as @holahoranx, shared the pic, showing the pair in a passionate clinch, and captioned it: “If you didn’t know this is Briana and louis aka Louis’ fake baby mama – Jen.”

Fans went on to claim the third blonde in the photograph is Briana’s cousin Ashley and she posted the pic from a Snapchat video on social media this week, after it was taken on May 5.

Briana and Louis getting cosy in the club

Other photographs have also surfaced from the night and fans are questioning whether it was the date the ‘One Direction baby’ was concieved.

The pair were partying with two of Briana’s friends at The Argyle in Hollywood, California and were seen leaving the club together.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Not even gonna deny it I’m like 100% sure she [Ashley] posted it for attention considering she changed her username for the 10 minutes it was posted.”

Louis Tomlinson in Hollywood, California

Directioners have also pointed out the snaps must be real as Louis and Brianna are wearing the same clothes they were papped coming out of the club.

The pop star is seen wearing a black jacket with a number on the sleeve, while his pretty blonde companion opted for a red jumper and black dress.

According to People magazine, Louis and Briana’s parents met over the July 4 weekend and got on very well.


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