Watch director Kabir Khan become embroiled in heated terrorism row at Phantom trailer launch

Director Kabir Khan came to verbal blows with a journalist who misunderstood his comments on terrorism at the trailer launch of his latest film Phantom over the weekend.

Speaking on a panel about the relationship between India and Pakistan – Kabir suggested he was unhappy with the mindset of certain people regarding terrorists coming from Pakistan.

He reasoned: “Unfortunately we have a mindset that all the terrorists and a certain sections of Pakistan which are definitely doing things which are anti-India, are the one’s who represent Pakistan.

The director was questioned about what he was saying

“But they don’t represent Pakistan and that’s the whole point of Phantom as well as Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Both the films come from the same ideology that there should be people to people friendship. And this won’t happen until we have these extremists elements existing in our countries. These elements have to be eliminated from the countries to get along peacefully.”

His comments did not go down particularly well with one of the reporters present who started questioning him.

It is not clear what the reporter is saying but Kabir responds: “First do not talk to me like that. I do not appreciate it. Come over here, let me see your face and have a normal conversation. Do not get into all these talks.

“If you’re getting into screaming, shouting and frothing, then I’m not going to get into this discussion.”

It’s believed the journalist was misunderstood what Kabir had said. He thought the director had said “terrorist elements in India” when he actually said “extremist elements.”

Bollywood Life/YouTube

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