Davina McCall reveals topless doppelganger after stumbling across painting

Davina McCall
Who is the real Davina?

Davina McCall has found her doppelganger – who just so happens to appear topless on a painting.

The brunette beauty, who recently debuted on the QVC shopping channel, poked fun at the discovery with a cheeky post.

It turns out that the host’s friend stumbled across the artwork and, noticing the similarity, forwarded a copy to Davina.

Meanwhile Davina was in complete agreement and couldn’t resist sharing the painting with her 129,000 Instagram followers.

TwitterDavina McCall
The topless doppelganger in question

She quipped: “My Mate just seen this painting in France… Remind you of anyone? #evenithinkitlookslikeme.”

The art features two women sunbathing topless on a beach in front of the Hotel Negresco in Nice, France.

It is the brunette on the right that bears the striking resemblance to Davina, rocking a matching grin and hairstyle.

OK, that is pretty freaky.

Last month Davina made headlines when she discussed intimate details about her sex life with husband Matthew Robertso.

She said: “You must keep your husband satisfied in the bedroom department, even if you’re absolutely exhausted. Otherwise he will go somewhere else.”

GettyPresenter Davina McCall
The resemblance in uncanny

The shocking revelation seemed to arouse an opinion from everyone – except from Robert that is.

Davina later told the Loose Women panel that her hubby was unaware of the scandalsince he doesn’t read the news or follow social media.”


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