Tom Cruise looks rough-and-ready sporting a bedraggled head of hair

Tom Cruise
Has anyone got a brush?

Tom Cruise has been in the game long enough to know that the movie business is all about reinventing yourself.

But the actor may have missed the mark when he dared to mess with his typically groomed head of hair before heading out on Monday.

Because the 53-year-old looked like he was in dire need of a quick comb when he rocked up to a private party in London.

Tom, who has had a number of styles throughout the years, was sporting noticeably longer locks for the bash.

BarcroftTom Cruise
Looking a little rough and ready

However the rest of his ensemble was as cool and dapper as we’ve come to expect from the Hollywood heartthrob.

The dad-of-three wore a suave navy suit, teamed with a pale blue shirt and a darker-shaded tie.

For an added kick, the Mission:Impossible star completed the outfit with a pair of black sunglasses that sat comfortably across his face.

OK, we can forgive the hair.


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