Jessica Wright admits she’s had BOTOX but thinks it’s ‘risky’ to mess with your face – eh?

Jessica Wright has revealed that she has tried botox in the past.

The TOWIE star admitted however that she thought it was “risky” to mess with her face getting lip fillers but botox was different matter.

Denying she would want her lips done – she told new! magazine: “They’ve never appealed to me. I just think it’s a bit risky to touch your face in that way. What if it goes wrong? My lips are quite a nice size anyway.”

PAJessica Wright
Jessica Wright has admitted to having botox in the past

However she feels differently went it comes to botox saying: “I’m 29 now and they that if you get it earlier it’s better.”

The brunette beauty previously had her breasts enlarged, which is something she says she now regrets, saying“they got a bit too big”.

But she told the mag she wasn’t sure exactly when she would get them reduce, admitting: “I want to, but I’m a bit worried about going through the whole operation again. It’s a big operation and a bit of headache, so I don’t really know what to do, to be honest. I reckon I eventually will.”


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