Dan Osborne flexes his bulging biceps in a tight vest ahead of Celebrity Big Brother

Dan Osborne
Check out them bulging biceps

Dan Osborne is only weeks away from entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But the former TOWIE star wasn’t dwelling on that fact when he dished out gym advice on Tuesday.

Instead the dad-of-two was all business as he motivated his followers to take after his lead.

“This vest was bright red when I walked in.. Some may find it gross being this sweaty but that was some work out!”

Already the post has racked up thousands of ‘likes’ from impressed Instagram users.

Instagram / danosborneofficialJacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne
He’ll be saying goodbye to his wife-to-be

However we’ve got a sneaky feeling its popularity might have less to do with the hunk’s wise words and more to do with the accompanying snap.

It featured the reality star dripping in perspiration while flaunting his muscular physique.

Check out that bod!

Instagram / danosborneofficialDan Osborne and baby Ella
Daddy will surely miss his little girl

Dan has become the first star to be confirmed for next month’s launch of Celebrity Big Brother.

Speaking exclusively to Mirror Online, a source very close to the Essex heartthrob revealed that he decided to sign up for the show because he is desperate to change the nation’s opinion of him.

Dan will no doubt be hoping that his plan is a success as he’ll be leaving his fiance Jacqueline Jossa and five-month-old daughter Ella at home.

He wrote: “If your not sweating like this when your leaving the gym…. Get back in and get to work!!


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