Peter Andre describes ‘horrifying’ moment he discovered daughter’s burn injury ‘after holiday with her mum Katie Price’

Peter Andre’s daughter Princess was burnt ‘on holiday’

Peter Andre has described the horrifying moment he discovered a nasty burn on his daughter’s back, following a ‘holiday with her mum Katie Price’.

The reality star, 42, was giving evidence for ITV2 in their bitter contract dispute with TV producer Neville Hendricks when the incident came up.

Peter claimed his young daughter suffered “a horrific burn” while on holiday with her mother, former glamour model Katie.

The model was later cleared of any wrongdoing following a police investigation.

However he denied there was a plan to paint his ex in a bad light, and even insisted he was going through hell during the breakup.

The reality star and singer has been called as a witness in a contract dispute between his former TV producer and ITV2.

Peter Andre pictured arriving at court

Mr Hendricks is suing ITV2 for £549,060 damages and costs after it called a halt to him producing its reality shows in August 2011, but the cable channel says he was in breach of contract and is claiming £261,951.

He was there for the second day running just four days after his Saturday wedding to Emily MacDonagh at Maidenhead House in Exeter.

Katie Price / TwitterKatie Price posted an image of her daughter Princess wearing glasses
Princess all grown up in glasses

Peter claimed he found out about the alleged burn during the filming of Peter Andre: The Next Chapter for ITV2, with part of his reaction caught on air, after Katie had apparently taken the kids on a holiday in Switzerland following their split.

He told the court his children were away with their mum, while he was on holiday himself, and he found it “strange” that he hadn’t heard from them for five days.

Peter described how he went to pick up his daughter from his cousin’s house, where she apparently said to him: “Don’t look at Princess’s back, you’re going to scream.”

He claimed: “She had a horrific burn on her back and her skin was coming off, and there were no bandages on.”


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