Fears for Bobbi Kristina Brown as white tent is erected outside hospice

Worries for Bobbi after tent erected

Bobbi Kristina Brown fans were left concerned that she had died on Wednesday when a mysterious white tent was erected outside the hospice.

A photo emerged of the new addition to the Peachtree Christian Hospice, sparking concerns that the 22-year-old had passed away.

A receptionist at the hospice told RadarOnline that “there’s been no” deaths at the facility today but would not comment further on the matter.

Pictures show a mysterious tent that has been erected

They did not comment on Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

Major Don Woodruff from the Duluth Police force told the website that the local police had not been told of any “major occurrences” at the facility.

Woodruff reported that the tent was put up at 5pm local time on Wednesday, and said that the Brown/Houston family had hired state troopers as security for her room and that the hospice had hired private security as extra precaution around the building.

The tent sparked worry

The news of extra security comes after it was reported that a sick photo of Bobbi Kristina in the hospice was being touted for sale.

Last week, Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah denied that anyone from the Brown family took the alleged picture of Bobbi Kristina as she lay dying in a hospice.

It sparked worry among fans

Bobby Brown’s sister seems to imply that a member of Bobbi Kristina’s family could have taken the picture, but it was “not a Brown”.

As the only child of the late Whitney Houston is cared for by her family in a hospice in Georgia, the Brown family have allegedly been banned from seeing her. All except her dad Bobby.


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